New Project – upcycling a dresser

This dresser was donated to use a while back. It’s rather dilapidated and most people wouldn’t give it house room. I decided we could extend its life a little more and upcycle it, for use in the shop.

Our new Toasted Crumpet product range will look fabulous on it. So I took inspiration from one of the designs the dark hydrangea. We elected chalk paint colours from this palette, including Aubusson Blue, Graphite, Napoleonic, Antibes Green, Louis Blue, Old Violet.

We started by removing the drawers and all the old hardware. We’ll clean that up and assess whether we can re-use it. Next step was to clean up the dresser, with ready to use sugar soap. First base coat across the entire dresser, was added in Aubusson Blue.

We’ll build up lots of layers of the other colours, blend and finish with a wash of Aubusson Blue. Then we’ll add the vintage touches, distressing across the body of the dresser, revealing hints of all those beautiful colours. Lots more work to complete, but can’t wait to finish this and return this to working order.

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