Annie Sloan Products

At Little Gems Interiors, we stock a full range of all Annie Sloan products.


The full product range includes the world famous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, in over 40 colours. There is also a coordinating Wall Paint in a more select range of 16 of the most popular colours to create increased style and flair to any room make over.


To complete your projects the Annie Sloan products to support your projects, with a professional finish and for practical use and longevity the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax range will help you achieve your desired finish. The waxes offer both practical and decorative results. Enriching the beautiful colours and sealing the paint, protecting and hardening as it cures. 


To do the job well, you’ll need great tools and Annie Sloan Brushes are created specifically for this amazing paint and to get the job done in an expedient and professional way. They type of brush selected will affect the finished result. For texture, a rounded bristle chalk paint will be the best option, or for a smooth, more modern finish a flat edge brush will achieve this effect more easily. Additionally though, you may prefer a roller, or for the detailed more challenging areas, the detail brush set will be a great choice and for stencilling, the flat edge compact bristle stencil brush will stipple paint perfectly. 


If you want to add some creative flair to your project, then selecting one of the decorative finish items from the Annie Sloan product range, or a creative stencil will help achieve the style you desire. Whether a metallic touch to your painted furniture with Annie Sloan Gilding Wax or a sublime, high-end, lustrous finish from Pearlescent Glaze, one of the Annie Sloan products will help complete your project.